101 Social Media Ideas for 2022

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We’ve made things a tad easier for you by putting together the best 101 social media ideas that every business owner should try out in 2022. Use one of them to boost your grow social media following

1.Promote all your social media accounts: If you have more than one social media profile but some are dormant, you need to start using all of them to promote your business.

2.Give away prizes. Giving away prizes can be a fun way of promoting your brand.

3.Post about your monthly deals: You can also use your company’s social media pages to promote monthly specials.

4.Run a sale only for your social media followers: You can do this by allowing your followers to purchase your products or services on a one-day sale.

5.Promote your product launches: One of the best ideas you should consider exploring is using your social media for launching a new product

6.Brag about your company: list strengths that give your business a competitive edge.

7.Celebrate business anniversaries: Has your business recently turned three? Consider celebrating that milestone by creating a great social media post.

8.Run employee of the month campaigns: Use social media to improve morale in your team by posting about an employee of the month.

9.Introduce your business and yourself: Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to introduce yourself and your brand to the world at large.

10.Promote new content: Share your latest video, blog post, or podcast on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook as a teaser, and drive traffic to your website.

11.Use Facebook to generate leads. It can be a goldmine of leads for your business.

12.Repost past blog posts.

13.Make announcements. If your services are deadline-driven, you can use social media to make announcements.

14.Use lead magnets: You can offer free services like Ebooks, checklists and others to all your social followers that sign up for your newsletter.

15.Educate your followers: You can use social media to educate your followers about your services or products.

16.Thank your loyal customers. Post a picture of one of your loyal customers and thank them on all your social media platforms.

17.Post about your products or services. Tell your followers about the benefits of using your product or service, and highlight some of its strengths.

18. Use images to tell your story. Use less text and more images and allow your followers to make their conclusion.

19.Share customer reviews: If you have been getting tons of reviews lately, what about posting some of them on social media?

20.Share case studies.

21.Share a recent newspaper feature.If the newspaper featured your company, you could share that with your social media followers.

22.Promote your website on your social media.

23.Share your newsletters with your social media followers. Find a way of increasing your number of subscribers by quoting profound portions of your newsletters.

24.Say thank you! There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a video of a business owner thanking his employees, customers, and social media followers.

25.Ask your followers to send photos.For instance, if you sell baby products, you can ask moms to comment with pictures of their babies using one of your products.

26.Share pictures of your charity cause.

27.Host a podcast: Today, almost anyone can have a podcast on YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms. Use it to talk about subjects that matter to you and your brand.

28. Interview happy customers. Request a live interview with one of your loyal customers and share it with your target audience.

29.Have a recorded Zoom call with an expert. Spend 30 minutes talking with influencers in your industry, and share that video on your social media platforms.

30.Post-question-answer posts. Share a post that asks your followers a question and comments with their responses

31.Target trending hashtags. Always check what’s trending on social media to see if you could use some of those trends to promote your brand.

32.Always thank your new followers. Make sure that you say thank you to every new follower.

33.Share memories: Do #ThrowBackThursdays at least once a week.

34.#MotivationMonday: Post an inspirational quote every Monday morning.


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35.Target #TuesdayVibes: Use this hashtag on almost any post that you share on Tuesday.

36.Share #WednesdayWisdom posts: Use these posts to share advice with your followers and end that with #WednesdayWisdom.

37.#FridayNight: Use the #FridayNight to share some fun moments.

 38. Use the #SaturdayMorning: Show your followers how you spend your Saturdays.

 39. Share a book review: Are you a voracious book reader? Then post about your latest read with your followers.

40.Share your favorite movies: Is there a film that you think your followers should know about? Share what you love or hate about it, and create a robust dialogue.

41.Promote your favorite podcaster: If you like a podcaster, you can post about one of their episodes on your social media platforms.

42.Post about your online courses: If your company also offers Udemy online courses, you should promote them through your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

43.Invite followers to review products: You can gain social proof by using your previous and / or current followers to review your products and spread awareness to your brand. 

44.Your favorite online tool: If there is a program/ application you can’t work without, post about it on social media and share it with your followers.

45.Post about your favorite coffee machine: Are you a coffee aficionado? Then post about your favorite coffee machine on social media.

46. Show and tell: Introduce live show and tell sessions of the team, and share them with your followers.

 47. Tell your followers about your pets: Did your pet do something crazy recently? Share videos of your pets on TikTok and other social media.

 48.Post about federal holidays: It’s always a good idea to make your followers realize that you recognize federal holidays.

 49.Tell your followers about your guilty pleasure: Everyone has one; let your followers know what’s yours so that they can share about theirs as well.

50.Post about the history of the company: Behind every company, there is history; use social media to tell the story of the origins of your company.

51.Post apologies for poor service: They say it takes a wise person to say I’m sorry on social media, so be the first to apologize for offering a bad service.

52.Invite your followers to become brand ambassadors.

53.Always maintain professionalism when interacting  with your followers.

54.Invite your followers to help you create a new logo

55.Throw a shade at your competitors.

56.Have a Help someone day!

57.Share a post about an employee who has just graduated.

58.Salute an inspiring person.

59.Share clean jokes: Jokes can still work on social media if you keep them clean and professional.

60.Share fun memes.

61.Share industry tips.

62.Post newsworthy posts.

63.Post about awareness months: For instance, if it’s a mental awareness month, make sure you post about it.

64.Post about industry updates.

65.Share viral videos.

66.Respond to social media mentions.

67.Tell your followers about your favorite TV shows.

68.Start an exciting topic on your Facebook page.

69.Post about your vacations. If you have been on vacation, make sure you keep your followers in the loop.

70.Make a bucket list: Post about a bucket list of what you would like to do before you die.

71.Post puzzles: Share a challenge or a puzzle with your followers to resolve, then announce a winner.

72.Share fun facts: Once in a while share a fun fact about you and your team.

73.Favorite hobby: Create a social media post about your hobby.

74.Share about your kids: There is nothing as cute as posting about your kids.

75.Share pictures of your city: Introduce your city to your followers with a series of tweets and pics.

76.Invite your followers to take a poll: Get your followers engaged by inviting them to take a poll.

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77.Ask your followers to provide feedback: If you want to improve your content, request feedback from your followers.

78.Ask for suggestions: If you want to introduce a new product, you can invite your social media followers to make suggestions.

79.Create fill in a blank posts: Ask your followers to fill in with a statement or word.

80.Host live webinars: Invite your followers to join webinars and ask any questions.

81.Share some common mistakes: Post mistakes that you have made in the past and how you avoided them.

82.Post money-saving tips: Share some tips that your followers can use to spend wisely.

83.Share free, time-saving tips: Share a tip or two on how your followers can save time.

84.Share some super hacks: Give your social media followers easy hacks to solve everyday problems.

85.Solve problems live: Go live on your Instagram page to solve one of the most common problems.

88.Invite your followers to ask you any questions.

89.Create an FAQ article: Post it on your website and your social media platforms as well.

90.Do What’s Working Now posts: Tell your followers what’s currently working well in your industry.

91.Post about your awards: If your company has won an accolade, tell your followers about it.

92.Share How-To-Videos: Teach your followers about your product or service with a How-To-Video.

93.Share how-to-close-sale tips: Some of your followers are struggling to close a sale.

94.Post about your office: Once in a while, post about your team busy working in the office.

95.Share news about new members of your team: If you have recently hired someone, tell your followers about it.

96.Post about vacancies in your company: If you are hiring, tell your followers about it to help you recruit the best talent.

97.Post about retiring employees: If someone is retiring, create a social media post saluting that person.

98.Give your followers a sneak peek: If you are busy creating a new product, give your followers a sneak peek of what you are doing.

99.Caption requests: Ask your social media followers to comment with the best caption of an exciting image.

100.Do behind the scenes: Use Instagram stories to give your followers a glimpse of your behind-the-scenes.

101.Promote Contests: Create a contest for your audience to engage in and offer the winner a prize, maybe gift card to your favorite coffee shop or some company swag.


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