Why a solid recognition Strategy is important for 2023

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So you’re an entrepreneur? Having a good product is only half the work.  

With 213 million businesses across the globe, your brand needs a way to stand out. We are not only talking about the colors of your product or the name and logo design. We are talking about a genuine connection your target clients have with your brand.  

To achieve that, you need strong brand recognition.   

Building a solid brand recognition strategy will help you cement your brand and build trust with your customers. 

Wondering how to achieve that? We have designed a tell-all below, so indulge. 

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Quick Facts

  • 88% of consumers say authenticity matters when deciding on brands to follow.
  • 46% of consumers would pay extra for a brand they trust.
  • Color increases brand recognition by 80%.
  • 77% of buyers support brands that share their values.

What Is Brand Recognition?

Brand recognition is the ability of your customers to recognize your brand through cues rather than the company name. It speaks to how easily customers or your target audience can recognize your brand without being directly exposed to the brand name.

Your brand recognition encompasses everything your brand is and how well clients identify with them over your competitors. This could be colors, logo, packaging or even slogan.

For example, when it comes to good brand recognition, we can think of a corporation like Mcdonald’s. A Mcdonald’s customer can recognize the company through its colors, logo and even the tagline.

Brand Recognition vs. Brand Awareness 

It is easy to think of the two as similar aspects of your branding journey. But in reality, brand awareness and recognition are not the same. 

Brand awareness relates to how familiar clients are with your brand. It is about letting your target clients know you exist. This is should be one of the first steps you take when marketing your brand.  

Think of awareness as the foundation on which your marketing will be built.  

While brand recognition is about how well clients can identify your brand. At this stage, your potential clients may not yet be ready to purchase from you but they can recognize who you are without necessarily seeing your name. 

Brand recognition is the second step you build after your brand awareness. 

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Why Is Brand Recognition Important?

Solid brand recognition is a crucial aspect of marketing. Not only does it mean your customers will often prefer you over your competitors, but there is a genuine connection between your brand and clients.

But there are other benefits of brand recognition:

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Increased User Enjoyment 

The way users recognize your brand will be synonymous with how they perceive it. Having solid brand recognition makes it easier for users to associate your brand with quality. And so making using your product a more enjoyable experience.  

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Increased Trust 

Solid brand recognition inspires trust in users. If you think about it, should you ever find yourself at a party, filled with people you don’t know, you will likely gravitate to the only person you are familiar with. This is the story of brand recognition.  

Users are likely to gravitate to a brand they are familiar with versus a brand they don’t know. And this constant interaction helps build trust. 

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Decreased Price Sensitivity 

Price sensitivity refers to the degree to which the price tag affects the client’s willingness to purchase goods and services. Once users are familiar with your product, they will ascribe value to it. And if it is valuable, then the more willing users are to pay premium prices. 

A quick example is Apple. Apple products have built a sense of value among their customers. This makes them a lot less sensitive to the price tag associated with the products. 

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Word-of-mouth Advertising

When customers trust your brand, they become your marketing. Not only will they easily talk about their experience but also recommend your products to those around them. 

What To Include in Your Strategy 

When you are building your brand recognition strategy, there are a few things you cannot miss. Here are a few to keep in mind: 

Customer Interaction 

This refers to how customers interact with your brand. We are not talking about making purchases. But rather what clients feel about your brand. What is the after-taste clients have about your brand? Do they feel the next to further engage or do they want to immediately move on?  

Figuring this step out will help you build a solid brand recognition strategy. 

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Brand Proposition 

When it comes to making your product recognizable to your clients, your brand statement is a good place to start. Showing your customers how you stand out from your competitors is one of the best ways to ensure they remember you.  

So if your brand offers something unique, don’t hide it. Let that be your marketing strategy. 

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Tell Your Story 

Every brand has a story to tell. And every story is easy to remember.  

If you want users to remember your brand, then you need to let your story shine. What your company is and how it came to be will help users remember your brand. Products may not be easy to remember, but a good story is hard to forget. 

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Stages of Brand Recognition 

As easy as it sounds, brand recognition is a process. It takes several stages to achieve your goal. 

Here are some steps that lead to solid brand recognition:

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 At this stage awareness stage, users are awakening to your brand. It is your first step to recognition. At this stage, users don’t know who you are, so you shouldn’t try to make any sales here. 


During the preference stage, users are starting to pick you over your competitors. Your products and services are becoming preferred. Though users know other products, they still choose you. 


Here, you have built more than just a preference with your target audience, you are building a reputation. Your customers don’t just choose your brand, they see your brand as valuable. 


This is where we start to build connections. At this stage, users don’t pick your brand just because it has a good reputation but because they have a connection to it. 


In this final stage, users are sticking with your brand. Even if another brand offers what you offer, they will go to you to purchase your products. This is how you know you have built a solid brand. 

How to Develop a Brand Recognition Strategy 

Now that you know what to include in your brand recognition strategy, let us now develop that strategy. 

Some of the best strategies for building solid recognition are below: 

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Build a Strong Brand Voice 

The first step in building strong brand recognition is a brand voice. This voice you amplify through your communication with your customers. Ensure that your voice is clear and gives identity to your brand.  

With a clear voice, your brand becomes easily recognizable. 

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Sync Your Brand Message with Your Products 

We have already discussed the importance of a brand message. Now to incorporate it into your brand recognition strategy, you will need to link it to your products.  

Let every product your company produces carry the message you stand for. 

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Prioritize Engagement 

If you want to be recognizable to your audience, don’t neglect engagement. Keeping your audience engaged will make it easier for them to identify with your product. 

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Increase Your Reach 

Social media, SEO, and website are all parts of how you can increase your reach to better communicate your brand with your clients. Display your logo, colors, and all the other elements associated with your brand on your social media accounts to better reach your target audience. 

Build Your Brand Recognition Strategy

You cannot complete your marketing strategy without building a solid brand recognition strategy. Building strong brand recognition will not only help your business increase sales, but it will help you garner a loyal following.

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