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Promoting a business this year is essentially tricky for most entrepreneurs, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

The uncertainty around the pandemic has made it particularly challenging to come up with long-term marketing plans. One significant challenge that I’ve seen businesses face right now is decreased marketing budgets. Or the inability to create a long-term winning strategy, but don’t fret; we’ve got your back. 

In this article you’ll find ideas that will make promoting your business seem like a stroll in the park. Here are two things you should know:

1. Businesses that use promotional products tend to drive sales by 75%.

2. Using branded items create a long-term return on investment. 


What are promotional products? 

Promotional products can be any merchandise with your logo. These nifty little items are usually handed out to loyal customers or prospects as a give-a-way. They can be anything from a pen, a mug, a t-shirt, a cap, notepads, and so on. Your sales team, for instance, may decide to give each prospect they meet a promotional item. 

The benefits of using giving away promotional products include:

● Promotional products increase brand awareness.

● Promotional products help you retain existing customers.

● Promotional products strengthen your relationship with customers.

● 83% of people who buy from would love to receive a branded item.

● 89% of people who receive your brand item would remember your brand.

Here are some promotional products you should consider using right now:


1. Backpacks

Backpacks come in handy if you want to convey your brand message to many people. What we like most about backpacks is that they allow you to brand them in areas that will be visible to many people.

For example, when you add your logo and tagline on the backpack and give it to a 20-year-old prospect, your brand could be seen by thousands of students.


2. Apparel

Handing out apparel is one of the fantastic ways to promote your brand. Because it will be a free walking advertisement for your business, expect nothing short of high ROI. For example, if you only give out merchandise to high-profile customers, they will promote your brand to other potential prospects. 

Anyone, they will be interacting with will see your brand and make inquiries. Put differently; these people will be your brand ambassadors without knowing it. 

Some of the benefits of using promotional apparel include:

● One huge advantage is it exposes your brand to many people. 

● It is one of the affordable ways of promoting a business.

● It increases your brand presence.

● It builds customer trust.

● It has the highest ROI compared to other ways of marketing methods.

● When people are exposed to your brand, they are eight times likely to buy from you.


3. Mugs

Have you heard of the saying “out of sight, out of mind? Branded mugs solve that problem. They have been around for quite some time now. Big brands continue to give away branded mugs today for one of the following reasons:

● They are the best way to stay “top of mind” with prospects.

● A branded mug promotes your brand in a way other items can’t. 

● Hanging out a promotional mug is the best way to spark interest. That’s why today, almost every household or office has at least one branded mug. 

● Seeing your brand every morning will stimulate the brain of the prospect to connect with your brand. 

● Prospects will be looking at your brand every time they sip coffee. 

4. BPA-Free Bottles 

Another alternative way of marketing your brand is by handing out BPA-free custom water bottles. They are a great way to get your brand out there. What’s more, they will cost little, but still, give you more ROI.  

Unlike most promo items, people can take them to the gym or use them during other outdoor activities. 

Some benefits of using promotional bottles include:

● They are easy to distribute.

● They cost little to print.

● Prospects can take them anywhere they go.

● They allow you to decorate them in any way you like.

5. Tumblers

Alternatively, you may brand tumblers and give them away to your regular customers. It allows you to increase brand loyalty and connect better with your customers, as they will see your brand daily. Also, you can use tumblers made from materials such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, etc. 

Here is how they will benefit your brand:

● They will help you connect with your customers.

● They will expose your brand to prospects daily.

● You can use them as a giveaway.

● They allow you to increase brand awareness.

Popsocket on phone

6. Phone Accessories

Phone accessories such as pop sockets are one of the best ways of getting your brand out there during this year.  Once you hand a promotional pop socket to a customer, chances are he will be using it on his phone and the branded pop socket will always be with him.

This is what you should expect getting from using promotional phone accessories:

● They will promote your brand better.

● They will remind prospects of your brand.

● They help to build brand trust.

● They are easy to make.

● They go almost everywhere with the prospect.


7. Notepads

Compared to other promotional products, a brand notepad is a subtle way of getting your brand out there. Typically, prospects won’t be using it in a public setting but in a more private location, like during meetings.

The benefits include:

● Promotional notepads allow you to connect with prospects personally.

 Prospects can take them to a boardroom where decision-makers usually meet.

 They offer a simple yet effective promotion for a brand during Covid.


8. Antibacterial Pens

If you are one of few entrepreneurs who has never used pens to promote your business, you should consider using it. It is one of the effective ways for a customer to remember you.

Some of the benefits of using branded pens include:

● They help people to remember your brand.

● They build a strong relationship with your clients.

● They suit any business type.

● You can print your logo on virtually any pen.

● They are the most affordable.


9. Mouse Pads

Compared to other products, custom mouse pads have a pretty long shelf life. On average, promotional mouse pads can last up to 36 months, which means prospects will see your brand every time they work on their desks. By the time you call them to up-sell or cross-sell, their brains will quickly recall your brand. And if they are attached to your brand, they are likely to agree to do more business with you.

Some of the benefits of using promotional mouse pads include:

● Promotional mouse pads are memorable.

● They are affordable to make.

● They increase brand awareness.

● Branded mouse pads last longer.


10. Business Card Holders

Cardholders offer the same value as mouse pads, but the only difference is you can take them anywhere. Every time a prospect is searching for a business card, they will interact with your brand.

Plus, you have an option to use either plastic, leather, or a combination of these materials. Since they are relatively affordable to make, you can produce as many as possible.

Some of the benefits of using promotional business card holders to promote your business include:

● They are a perfect way to develop a strong bond with customers.

● They allow you to use creative flair.

● They last longer than pens.

● They leave a lasting impression on your customers.

● They are easy to distribute.

● They are more visible.

● Prospects can take them anywhere.

The products mentioned in this article are for a broad audience, for more specific ideas for your business contact Big Hit Creative and we can help you find the item. 

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