Client Nurturing: What Is It, And How It Helps Businesses

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Client Nurturing

Most successful brands thrive on trust, and lead nurturing plays a crucial role in that. Hence entrepreneurs that invest their time and resources in client enabling tools stand a good chance of growing their businesses this year.

Here is why: This study has discovered that 73% of prospects are not ready to buy when they first interact with your brand. By simply using client nurturing tactics, you increase the chances of converting them into paying customers by 90%. Before you can achieve this, make sure that you use an efficient nurturing system that drives prospects through the sales pipeline without realizing it.

Essentially, before you can start nurturing a client, you need one thing:  a rock-solid customer-centric strategy. While your plan doesn’t have to be too detailed, it should contain all the necessary elements. They include the following: objectives, realistic goals, your target market, competition, customer’s tastes, and pain points, and how your product or service will help them.

For instance, if your business targets young women between 18 and 35 with waistline products, you can tailor your content in such a way that it addresses their lifestyle and preferences. Put differently; your content should demonstrate that you know a thing or two about their waistline problems.

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Use the following questions to map out your customer journey effectively:

  • What would be the starting point of the journey that each customer will go through?
  • How many customer segments will you be targeting?
  • What kind of strategy will you be using to market each product or service?
  • On average, how long will it take to convert a prospect into a paying customer?

Interesting facts:

  1. By using lead nurturing tools, you stand a great chance of maximizing sales by 50 percent,
  2. Client nurturing helps entrepreneurs create loyal customers,
  3. Client enabling systems will grow by 17% between 2021 and 2025.
  4. There is an excellent chance that your business will increase by 60% by 2023,
  5. At least 70% of customers trust brands that use client nurturing systems.

What is client nurturing?

Client nurturing is the process of guiding prospects through the customer funnel.It mainly involves utilizing a wide range of marketing tactics such as forms, lead magnets, social media, etc.

At the crux of it, the content will guide a prospect to know more about your product or service. Unwittingly guide them to slip through the funnel until they make a purchase.

The client nurturing process is beneficial not only to the marketing department but to sales teams as well. Prospects can be driven through a sales funnel and converted into paying customers, but once they become customers, you need to retain them as customers. Failure to do this will only give your competitors a chance to steal your customers from you, which is the last thing you want to see happening.

Under normal circumstances, prospects will go through the following phases before they become paying customers:

1. Awareness (pre-sale)

At this stage, prospects realize that they have a problem and start researching how to solve it. They will go on Google and search for relevant information, and if you have published a blog post that addresses their pain points, they will read it. Your content will play a massive role in keeping them longer on your website. 

2. Consideration (pre-sale)

At this stage, a prospect evaluates your product or service offering. Compare features and prices against your competitors. And test your product, or even read customer reviews. Remember, a strong brand plays a significant role in influencing customers.

3. Purchase (post-sale)

Here a prospect makes a final decision to purchase a product. If you run an online store, for instance, the potential customer will use a shopping cart. From there, your prospect would pay for the product using a credit or debit card, and hey presto, you have a customer. A product will be shipped, and the customer will start using the product.

4. Retention

Once you have a customer, your job doesn’t end there. Your aim should be to retain the customer, and this where many businesses meet shipwreck. They neglect this crucial fact: a customer is not a customer unless they are loyal, which is another challenge for any business owner.

The success of your business largely depends on the kind of relationship that you have with your customers. How do you achieve this? You build a good relationship by communicating consistently with your customers. Use a CRM system, reach out to your customers via email, call them, and always be available to help.

5. Brand Advocacy

If you have handled all the phases mentioned above efficiently, your customers will be willing to become your brand advocate. They are likely to recommend other clients to your business, leave positive reviews on your Google My Business page, and refer friends to your business.

Some key benefits to using a nurturing client system:

1. Generate Brand Awareness

The very first thing that prospects see before they purchase a product or service is your brand. So, client nurturing helps you generate brand awareness. You can use it to educate potential consumers about a brand, your products, or services.

2. Client nurturing is one of the affordable strategies to drive sales

You can use lead nurturing to drive sales by sharing engaging content and other valuable information. Once prospects trust your brand, it becomes pretty easy for them to buy from you.

Over and above that, lead nurturing will help your team to generate Marketing Qualified Lead (MQLs), which are people that have shown interest in your products or services. However, before your sales team contacts prospective customers, you can use a nurturing client system to prepare them to become qualified sales leads.

3. Client nurturing allows you to target the right segment.

In previous years, segmentation was something done by only a few brands. Today, any business can segment its market, including startups. Before you can begin using nurturing systems, you need to know who you’ll be targeting. To divide your target market into manageable groups, you should use the following elements:

  • Location → Know where your prospects live.
  • Behavior patterns → Know what your prospect’s tastes and likes are.
  • Age group, → Are you targeting Millennials or a Gen Z age group?
  • Psychographic information → focuses on the intrinsic traits of your potential customers. In other words, what are their values, attitudes, opinions, and so forth?

4. Client nurturing allows you to engage your customers better

One of the advantages of using an efficient nurturing system is that it allows you to engage your customers better. When it comes to nurturing leads, publishing tailored content that addresses your target market is critical. Once prospects feel valued, there is an excellent likelihood that they will trust your brand.

5. Lead nurturing allows you to identify Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities

With most business owners rebuilding their businesses, you might want to focus on growing your revenue by upselling more services and cross-selling new product lines. You have 70% chances of selling to an existing client than a new one, and client nurturing can help you achieve this. Lead generation will increase opportunities for cross-selling, up-selling; as long as you’re using the right lead nurturing tools. You can email campaigns to nurture them.

6. Nurturing system can be your end-to-end funnel tool

You can use client nurturing ideas such as online forms, lead magnets, and landing page design tools to capture more leads. Alternatively, you can consider using email marketing, social media platforms, voicemails, Facebook Messages, or eBooks to nurture leads through sales pipelines.

Lastly, you can convert leads with a Robust Automations Build tool to reach as many prospects as possible within a short period. What’s more, you will be able to monitor your leads using cutting-edge technologies and reply to new reviews in real-time. Lead nurturing solutions allow you to track the ROI and invest your resources wisely in growing your business. Need any help with the lead nurturing system? Contact Us to find out how to get started! 972.850.7312; info@BigHitCreative.com or visit www.BigHitCreative.com.

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