3 Things to Consider Before Buying Custom Awards

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Giving recognition and appreciation to employees who do an outstanding job is crucial for maintaining a positive work environment and motivating individuals to perform at their best. In light of the many opportunities to acknowledge deserving employees, our discussion will center on pinpointing the right moments for recognition, identifying the right type of award, and how much you should spend on employee recognition.

When to Recognize an Employee:

When considering when to give employees an award, it is important to think about their achievements and contributions to the company. Here are five key moments that you should consider:

1. Outstanding Performance:

When an employee consistently goes above and beyond their job responsibilities and delivers exceptional results, they deserve to be recognized. This could be for achieving challenging targets, completing a project successfully, or exceeding customer expectations.

2. Innovation and Creativity:

If an employee comes up with a unique idea, solution, or process that significantly improves productivity, saves costs, or enhances customer satisfaction, they should be acknowledged for their innovative thinking.

3. Teamwork and Collaboration:

Recognizing employees who excel in teamwork and collaboration is vital for fostering a cooperative and supportive work culture. When an individual consistently demonstrates a willingness to help others, encourages open communication, and contributes positively to team dynamics, they deserve recognition.

4. Years of Service:

Celebrating and honoring employees who have dedicated a significant portion of their careers to the company is a great way to show appreciation and cultivate loyalty. Milestones such as five, ten, or twenty years of service are worth commemorating with an award.

5. Going the Extra Mile:

Sometimes, employees go above and beyond their regular duties to offer exceptional support, whether it’s working late to meet a deadline, volunteering for challenging tasks, or taking on additional responsibilities. Acknowledging these efforts with a token of appreciation can motivate others to similarly demonstrate dedication and commitment.

The key is to make the recognition meaningful and personal, by taking the time to understand each employee’s accomplishments and specific contributions.

Types of Awards to Choose From:

After determining what you will be recognizing your employees for the next thing to consider is what award you should select to represent their accomplishment.

When choosing the ideal recognition token for your recipient, consider that it should embody the particular accomplishment being acknowledged and also resonate with your brand’s character. Some popular options include sleek and modern designs, classic and elegant designs, or fun and playful designs. It’s important for the award to align with your company’s values and image. Ultimately, the chosen award should be visually appealing, high quality, and reflective of your company’s overall aesthetic. Here are a few award types to choose from:

1. Plaques: Plaques are a great classic award that are given as a form of recognition or honor. They are often engraved or printed with the recipient’s name, the award title, and a short message or achievement. Plaques are commonly used in various settings, such as schools, businesses, and organizations, to acknowledge outstanding performance, accomplishments, or contributions. They can be customized in different sizes, shapes, and designs to suit the specific occasion or purpose. Plaques are typically displayed and hung on walls or placed on desks or shelves


2. Trophies: Trophies are awards given to individuals or teams as a symbol of their accomplishments or achievements. They are often made of metal, glass, or acrylic and can take various forms. Trophies are typically awarded in events, contests, or professional achievements. They serve as a reminder of success and can be displayed as a source of pride or motivation. Trophies often feature engravings or inscriptions, including the name of the recipient, the event or achievement, and the year.


3. Lapel Pins: Lapel pins are often used as a way to show affiliation with a particular group or organization. Lapel pins can be made from various metals, including gold, silver, brass, and enamel. These metals are chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal. They are often crafted with intricate designs or symbols to represent a specific message or identity. Overall, lapel pins serve as a way to express personal style or convey a sense of belonging.

pin 2

4. Vases: Vases that are given as prizes or awards to recognize and honor achievements. They are often made of fine materials such as crystal or porcelain and can be customized with engravings or etchings to commemorate the specific accomplishment being recognized. Vases are commonly used in competitions, academic ceremonies, and corporate award programs. They serve as a symbol of success and can be displayed as a proud reminder of the recipient’s achievement.

vase 3

5. Paperweights: Paperweights are small, decorative items that are typically given as awards or gifts. They are made of various materials such as glass, crystal, or acrylic, and often feature custom engravings or designs. Paperweights are meant to be displayed on a desk or shelf, serving as a reminder of a significant achievement or recognition. They can come in different shapes and sizes, such as squares, rectangles, circles, or even novelty designs. Paperweights are commonly used in corporate settings, schools, or organizations to commemorate milestones, accomplishments, or as a token of appreciation. They are a popular alternative to traditional plaques or trophies.


6. Certificates: Certificates are official documents given to individuals or organizations to recognize their achievements or accomplishments. These awards serve as a form of validation or proof of mastery in a particular skill or educational program. They are often granted after successfully completing a training program, course, workshop, or exam. Certificates can enhance one’s credibility and professional standing, as they demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and personal development. Certificates are a valuable recognition of skills and achievements and can significantly contribute to personal and professional growth.


7. Gift Cards: Gift cards have become a popular and convenient gift option in recent years. With their versatility and ease of use, they make for a great award. Whether it is for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, gift cards allow the recipient to choose exactly what they want or need. The total choice gift card allow you to select a range of gift cards you’d like to offer. So your employees have access to 200+ retailers, which lets them pick what gift card you receive. With their many benefits, it’s no wonder that gift cards have become a popular and well-received award choice.

While there are many recognition options, it is generally recommended to have a range of accolades to recognize various achievements and contributions. Having multiple award options allows for catering to different levels of accomplishment and recognition. It also adds variety and excitement to the awarding process and helps to create a sense of prestige and distinction for the recipients. Each award should convey your appreciation and congratulations sincerely and thoughtfully.

Defining an Award Budget:

Once you’ve determined what types of awards you want to give out, you might be wondering about the costs, and what you should be spending.

There is no set rule or percentage that applies to all companies. It is recommended that companies allocate a reasonable portion of their budget towards recognizing their employees, typically ranging from 1% to 3% of their annual revenue. However, this can vary greatly, and some companies may choose to spend more based on their specific needs and goals. Ultimately, it is important for companies to find the right balance between recognizing and rewarding employees without overspending.

Getting Started:

In the end, employee recognition and awards help boost employee morale by creating a positive and motivating work culture where individuals thrive and contribute their best. By investing in celebrating employees’ milestones and achievements, you foster loyalty, increase job satisfaction, and ultimately achieve success as a team.

At Big Hit Creative, we can help organizations acknowledge their employees’ hard work. With our expertise in branding, marketing, and design, we can work together to create customized awards that match your company’s goals and values. Remember, the success of your organization starts with appreciating the hard work and dedication of your employees. Boost morale, inspire greatness, and enjoy the rewards of a motivated team.

To start recognizing your employees with meaningful awards, don’t hesitate to contact us at 972.850.7312 or via email at info@bighitcreative.com. Big Hit Creative is here to help you every step of the way.

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