3 Reasons To Keep Your Website Updated On The Regular

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seo consultantA lot of business owners think that once their professional website is up and running, the hard work is done. But the truth is that driving consistent traffic to your website requires you to keep that website fresh. It’s not enough to have all the necessary landing pages and working links; you also need to have new and interesting content posted there on a regular basis as part of your online marketing strategy. Don’t believe us? Check out the following three reasons why you need to make regular updates — and particularly, new blog posts — a priority.

    1. Additional content gives you more opportunities to use keywords
      As any SEO consultant will tell you, an important part of web page optimization is the use of relevant keywords. But you can’t simply put all of these keywords on a few main pages and call it a day. Not only does that make your site look spammy, but any ground you gain on the rankings front will likely be eclipsed by other websites that make it a point to publish new, optimized content all the time. Keep in mind that 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each and every day. Frequent blog posts and website updates will keep your website relevant and will provide increased opportunities to write interesting content — filled with targeted, appropriate keywords — for readers both human and robot.


    1. More posts means more frequent indexing
      Once content is indexed by Google’s bots, it’s going to be more difficult to drive traffic organically using that content. That’s why you can’t rely on stale content to do the work for you. But more frequent updates makes for more frequent indexing. When you post articles often, web crawlers will be more likely to come to your site and reassess your website ranking. Keep in mind that posting frequent posts with no value to a reader (i.e., nonsensical posts laden with keywords) will end up hurting your rankings. But as long as you post interesting information on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that your site will be indexed more frequently. While that doesn’t necessarily translate into a better website ranking, it can definitely help.


  1. High-quality posts position you as an industry leader
    A good SEO consultant will tell you that getting a website on search engines is usually about quality over quantity. When you write informative posts that are of value to your readers, you’ll be seen as an authority by your audience and by Google. That said, you do need to publish a lot of relevant posts to ensure you’re seen in this positive light. Writing in-depth posts or industry news coverage on your site will help solidify your brand as trustworthy. That, in turn, can make web users more loyal to your site — a real commodity in the digital age. Conversely, if all of your posts are virtually unreadable or contain incorrect information, this can have a negative impact on your brand. If you don’t write your posts in-house, make sure that your SEO consultant works with excellent writers in your native language who take the time and effort to write factual and compelling content.

It may seem like a pain to update your blog all the time, but the last thing you need is a stale website. By updating your content frequently, you’ll have a much better chance to boost your rankings and ensure that your business becomes the go-to for web users around the world.

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