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Search Engine Marketing can be divided into several different strategies.


  • Paid search engine inclusion features to have your site show up as a top result on search engines, increase your site’s rank, or as an advertisement. The way this is done varies from engine to engine.
  • Use keywords that are indexed into a search engine to find the most relevant words and use them to drive traffic to your site organically.
  • Saturating your site by having multiple pages indexed in multiple search engines and hyperlinking your pages with others to increase your site’s “popularity” in engine’s ranking algorithm.
  • Use tools and analytics to see data traffic flow, visitor, and to measure the overall success of your site.
  • Web site functionality on various devices, such as tablets and phones, to make your site more accessible to a wider audience.
  • And much more!

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Paid Search, PPC, and Programmatic Media are very deliberate approaches to digital marketing. These methods put you directly in front of your customer through many different efforts. Having the right keywords, a good landing page and video promotion are just a few of the ways to drive traffic in the right direction, but what’s next?
Clicks, views, and likes are not where it ends. You want to make sales, see conversions, and of course track what is working and what’s not. Using the right digital mix and having a proven conversion method makes all the difference when your advertising dollar is on the line. Our digital marketing team will work with you to ensure that your objectives are met and that your digital campaigns are successful.




To attract the right customers and increase profits, having access to fast, accurate data is paramount. Using web analytics we will develop you a personized strategy with the data we collect. Our Plan of collecting and implementing data into a personalized strategy can be simplified down to 5 simple steps.

  1. Collection of data
    • During this time we will gather all the raw data we can from you and your site. This data includes query terms/keywords used, visitor timestamps, how visitors came to your site, and much more.
  2. Data Processing
    • At this point, the raw data is processed into useable information. Such as using the timestamps to see how long a visitor stayed on your site and how many unique visitors you had.
  3. Performance Review 
    • We work with you to understand your goals for your web strategy. By knowing what goals you have and using the information we processed we will find both the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy’s performance.
  4. Customized Web Strategy Development
    • Here is when we put what we have learned into action. With the data collected, we will reinforce what we know works, fix any flaws, and increasing your web presence. All of which is customized to fit your specific needs.
  5. Repeat
    • Once your new customized strategy is underway it will need to have a performance review, which we will need information on to measure its performance against, which leads us back to the start of collecting the data. And so the cycle continues constantly improving.

We’ll track the true impact of your digital campaigns, advertising, and promotional efforts on the web. Find out which campaigns are providing you with a bang for your buck – and which ones should be ditched. So no more time wasting – just accurate analytics that will benefit your business.





digital marketing agency in garland texas


Reputation Monitoring



Keep your Reputations Safe, 

Secure, and Protected!

Here at Big Hit Creative Group, we use a systematic approach for more effective marketing. We’ll find out how well your business is doing on Google, Bing, and Yahoo by using custom reports and real-time data. You work hard to make sure your business has a good reputation. Big Hit Creative will make sure you keep that reputation you worked so hard for. One bad review can have untold consequences online.

Let us help you keep a watchful eye on what people are saying about your business. The Benefit? Be free from stress by knowing what people are saying about you. With positive reviews and increased customer interaction, you will gain a higher search engine rank, long term results, and create more leads for a loyal following.