Create More Repeat Customers with a Low Cost Mobile App for your Business

Mobile Apps for Restaurants, Bars and Lounges.

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Online ordering and mobile reservations at your customers’ fingertips!

It’s a quiet Wednesday night, “how will we bring in customers to the restaurant?” you ask.


Send a message to your best customers with a special offer – the restaurant will be full!

Ordering your to-go-meal is easier than ever with a mobile app. Online ordering is up drastically from previous years and is increasing daily.

It is now easier than ever to increase your revenue and promote customer loyalty. You can increase visits from your current customer base through a virtual stamp card, who doesn’t love stamps cards?

An all-in-one portal for:

  • Social Media
  • Menus
  • Mobile Reservations
  • QR Coupons
  • Mapped Venues
  • Loyalty Program
  • Time Sensitive Updates, and More.

Make it easier for your best customers to make a reservation or order their favorite meal-to-go through your app!

Pop-up messages and instant alerts
Remind customers of upcoming social events or happy hours. Send up to the minute updates on the go.

Mobile Reservations
Open Table Integration. Book a table from wherever you are.

Social media integration and In-App-Payment
Integrate your social media and online payment systems. This feature is both convenient and efficient.

Business Sponsorship Page
Earn Income by creating an optional page that can be setup to allow local business owners, some who may even live in the community, to sponsor the app while showcasing their business or service.

Locate community activities and events with Google Maps
Our apps make it easy to know when and where social activities or events are. Use Google Maps to pinpoint all venues.

Secure and easy to access
Our apps are native apps that are installed on the customer’s phone. As well as being a format you feel comfortable using, native apps provide greater security and quicker access to information.

Use of the most relevant technologies
Our apps are built for IOS and Android and at one low cost. This means that regardless of a person’s smartphone brand, Android or iPhone, our apps will work for you.

Loyalty Programs

The stamp card or special discounts you offer are now available to your best clients directly in the app. You no longer need to print out any coupons!

These are only a few of the benefits for your restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

*Over 45 Integrated Features

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