Mobile Apps for Property Management, Homeowners Associations and Real Estate Professionals

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Our apps create seamless communication between property management and community

The clear and timely sharing of information between Property Management and the families they serve is crucial for a harmonious living environment. By improving management to community communication, our mobile apps have many worthwhile benefits for all.

An all-in-one information portal:

For Management

  • Ability to inform residents instantly with current news
  • Removes the financial and environmental cost of paper newsletters.
  • Notifications are communicated securely by management staff to the resident via our mobile app, removing frustrations of uninformed residents due to paper loss
  • Frees up the time of management staff by reducing phone calls with repetitive and often unnecessary questions
  • Helps support and sustain a harmonious relationship with families.
  • Showcase Property Features and Floor plans

For Residents

  • Allows for easy submission of service requests
  • Reserve property amenities
  • Provides families with an easy way to know what is going on in the community.
  • Ensures residents always receive notices.
  • Reduces missed meetings by reminding busy families about upcoming events, meetings, voting opportunities.
  • Informs residents when community events are schedules.
  • Allows residents to make payments securely inside the app
  • Quick links to Helpful Numbers (Management Office, FEMA, Homeland Security, Local Police, Animal Control, etc.)

Pop-up messages and instant alerts
Remind residents of upcoming community social events or schedule changes.


Send up to the minute notices on the go, hassle-free
Notices can be handled through our community apps, preventing the disappearance of paper in transit.


Publish newsletters
Publish newsletters that can be read by families, whether they are at work or at home. This convenience not only increases readership but also reduces a management’s paper cost.


Locate community activities and events with Google Maps
Our apps make it easy to know when and where community activities or events are. Use Google Maps to pinpoint all venues avoiding the sight of lost, stressed families on their way to events. Integrate your social media and online payment systems. This is an optional feature for Management that is convenient and efficient.


Business Sponsorship Page
Earn Income by creating an optional page that can be setup to allow local business owners, some who may even live in the community, to sponsor the app while showcasing their business or service.

Secure and easy to access

Our community apps are native apps that are installed on the resident’s phone. As well as being a format you feel comfortable using, native apps provide greater security and quicker access to information.


Use of the most relevant technologies
Our apps are built for IOS and Android and at one low cost. This means that regardless of a person’s smartphone brand, Android or iPhone, our apps will work for you.

*Over 45 Integrated Features

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