Drive Consumers Online with Traditional Advertising

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Studies show that after watching a TV commercial,  listening to a radio spot or reading a print ad, a consumer’s natural reaction is to go online for further information and to read product reviews. So, just in case you thought that your television, radio and print advertising was going nowhere, a  study conducted by Market Track to show the purchasing behavior of people after a product or service is advertised in a TV or radio commercial found that over 74% of TV watchers are multi-tasking as opposed to fast-forwarding through the commercials or channel surfing. Various polls show that consumers often use mobile devices or laptops while watching television to shop online, check social media and to surf the web.

Online Advertising-media-usage-survey

Having the knowledge that traditional advertising will drive consumers online is great news for digital advertisers and proves that it is smart to keep your commercials and print ads in front of your mobile users.  To find the best ways to combine digital marketing with your traditional strategies, contact Big Hit Creative Group.

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