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At the heart of Big Hit Creative‘s Location Management tool  is a single, powerful idea: namely, that businesses should be able to update their public facts once and publish it everywhere they desire with a single click. Big Hit Creative’s Digital Knowledge Network delivers on that promise via direct integrations with more than 100 plus global maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, directories, and social networks that put you in definitive control of your brand everywhere customers search.


Control Your Company’s Online Information for as Low as $99.00 per month


Today’s customer journey starts with a question and consumers expect answers. 

Are you ready to answer? 

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A low cost way to put your business in front of more of your Ideal Customers.

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No Matter the Industry,
Digital Knowledge Management Is A Necessity

Whether you’re a franchise owner or local retailer, incorrect business listings can cause a frustrating customer experience and hurt your search rankings. 

Our direct integrations with the industry’s largest network of maps, apps, voice assistants, search engines, and social networks allows you to take control of your business listings – now. 

So your business can perform better in search and your customers can find you at their moment of decision.

The Digital Knowledge Network for Restaurants

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Drive brand consistency and optimization, by controlling and publishing the facts about your business — from basic information like addresses, to rich content like business attributes, menus, Order URLs, photos, and videos — across the industry’s largest network of 100+ direct data integrations with global maps, apps, voice assistants, search engines, directories, and social networks.

Attract and retain more patients
with the Healthcare Knowledge Manager


Three out of four patients are searching for providers (not physical locations) online, and only 17% of patients consult a health system website before making an appointment. 

The best way to acquire patients is to ensure your provider data outside of your website is consistent with what’s on your website.

Our Knowledge Manager offers unmatched distribution of your doctor profiles and facility listings across Google, Yelp, Vitals, Wellness.com, and more than 100 major multi-category sites. Fix the data that appears to patients and make it easier for them to find providers.


Claim Your Territory with Knowledge Manager for Lenders



It’s a new era for the mortgage industry. Economic conditions, paired with rock-bottom home inventory levels, are causing mortgage applications to rise and competition to be fiercer than ever.

Our award-winning platform can help loan officers and lenders of all sizes take advantage of this tremendous opportunity — by putting them in control of their public facts everywhere consumers search

Control You Company’s Data for as Low as $99.00 per month 

See firsthand how Big Hit Creative’s Location Manager can help you meet your customers at their moment of intent.

Win and Retain More Customers!

  • Bring the conversational experience of leading search engines to your website, apps, and more.
  • Publish verified answers and drive high-intent traffic to your website from third-party search engines, voice assistants, maps, apps.
  • Control all the facts about your business online from one platform, saving time and resources while delivering an exceptional customer experience.
  • Improve your business’s reputation online so that consumers become customers.

Today’s customer journey starts with a question and consumers expect answers. Are you ready to answer?