9 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Business

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Optimizing your website could be the key!

So, you’ve been exploring more ways to market your business online?

Got yourself a website and are ready to fill all those orders from your anxiously awaiting customers, but wait… No one seems to be calling! What could be the problem? Could it simply be that nobody knows you’re out there? Nobody knows that your business even exists?

By all means, you’ve got to do something quick, something to attract customers to your business. How do you find them? How do you make them find you? Are they actually familiar with who you are and what you have to offer?

Unfortunately, this is the scenario of far too many business owners that have the high expectations of non-stop traffic, but have no clear idea how to get there.

Well, here are a few simple tips to help you increase positive traffic into your business:

Let’s start with one of the more obvious, somewhat simple tactics… Optimizing your website. Now, I realize that you may have heard this many times, but do you really understand what it means to optimize your site? I’m not only talking about the technical stuff that’s often seen as intangible like meta tags and alt descriptions.
I’m talking about the area that’s so obvious we often tend to miss it. I’m talking about design, the look, the feel, the overall user experience of your site. I like to call it “Design Optimization”.

1. Design optimization is something that business owners seem to forgo in many cases, not always, but many. Imagine putting all of your money and energy into lead generating tools and tactics to drive people to your site and when they finally get there, they leave… right away… This often leaves you wondering, “why is my bounce rate so high?”… Maybe the site is outdated; maybe the images are unappealing. Perhaps the site is hard to navigate and doesn’t make sense to it’s intended audience. Sometimes a more simple approach can be the first step to a better-optimized site. Keep in mind that many shoppers are visual and first impressions do count. If you have the budget, by all means do hire a professional to design your site. If you don’t have the budget, plan for it and optimize as you grow, re-invest.

2: Educate your customers
I was involved in a discussion with a group of business owners and one of them asked, “How do you best gain buzz when you’re a new company, but what you do is common and everyone seemingly get’s it.” My answer was pretty simple. Explain to them what they don’t know! Never assume that they already know. Most customers have no clue of why you are the best at what you do or how much time, attention to detail and passion goes into your work. It’s our job to educate and build value. People who work in their business day in and day out see it as “business as usual”, so it’s hard to remember the time it took to perfect our craft. Don’t forget that you are the authority, but be creative and there are many creative ways to educate your customers.

3: SEO: On-page and Off-page Optimization
To gain the prominence you need on the web, you’ll have to employ many on-page and off-page SEO tactics. In today’s marketplace search engine optimization is not something you should leave out. Trust me… your customers search on line and your competitors are there to be found. In order to compete, you must ensure that your website is attractive, your content is compelling and your site can be found. I won’t go into too many SEO details for now, since this can be a very lengthy read and I only hope to offer quick tips to get you on the right track. For more detailed explanations feel free to contact us, subscribe to our blog or simply call. I’d be happy to chat.

4: Leverage Social Sites
Social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are now seen more as brand management tools for businesses. These sites popularize your website and allow your brand to directly target and communicate with its audience. The more you can create fan-followings on your page, the more you can create interaction with your potential clients. Remember, this is only one tip that should be used in conjunction with many others.

5: Maintain a Blog
Blogs can be an exceptional platform to market your goods and services and create a loyal reader base. It will allow you to share industry information, any details regarding product launching and service upgrades with your audience who are also your prospective customers. Through blogs, you can encourage interaction with your readers directly and get to know what they think about your products.

6: Manage Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns
PPC can be an inexpensive way to advertise online. If you want prospective customers to instantly sign up for your service, then a Pay-Per-Click campaign is a cost-effective way to generate more business. You can create online ads using Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. We have done many of these for our clients and have seen their businesses grow.

7: Leverage Websites with Exchange Links
Once you’ve decided on the kind of information you’re going to provide, search for other high-quality websites with related topics and exchange links. This increases the probability that your site will get hits as visitors of those other sites can instantly visit your website just by clicking on the link. Remember that you should only be associated with notable websites because they not only lend credibility to your own; they usually have followers who visit them regularly so you can benefit from that exposure.

Now before I go onto to my last tips, I’d like to say that I know that to this point we have talked about all digital ways of getting you more traffic to your business. On the surface we may appear to be a Digital Agency, but as you peel back the layers you’ll find that we are more of an integrated marketing agency. So, we’ll talk about more creative methods that include traditional and digital marketing methods that work together to complete a full circle. Being a lifelong sales and marketing professional, I believe that there is no one way to market your product or service. So, this brings me to my final points. Traditional marketing is not dead, in fact, it is very much alive. A 2015 study by Market Track shows that traditional advertising often drives people to your website for further research.

8: Direct mail advertising is a tried and true way of reaching potential customers that your business might not have reached otherwise for many reasons. This marketing campaign can work well because apart from targeting new customers it can also be used as a way of advertising special events to customers on mailing lists.

And finally tip #9: Trade shows and Promotional Items
Don’t discount these high-caliber reminders that your business is still around. Competitors who choose to promote during trade shows tend to outlast those that don’t. Remember the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”? Well, if used wisely, promotional items can have a great positive impact on building a brand. No matter if that brand is a popular business, established non-profit or a distinguished educational institution. Promotional products have the power to grow and maintain awareness with a low investment and high return. Remember, you want to stay top of mind to your potential customers.

With all this in mind my fellow business owners remember that before you start any marketing campaign to increase traffic to your business, you must start with a specific business objective and a way to track campaign success.

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