Direct Marketing

Client: Spring Cleaning Professional Carpet Care
Spring Cleaning Professional Carpet Care has been providing high-quality carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning and repair in the Suburban DFW are for over 15 years

Industry: Professional Service Provider

The goal of the effort was to reach a newer, more urban audience. Dallas, Ft.Worth has been an emerging market for quite some time now. With new buildings being constructed in the Uptown and Downtown area, many of them residential. The guys at Spring Cleaning wanted to expand their offerings to a new demographic. “The suburban market has been really good to us,” says Rodrick Whitfield, Owner/Operator, “but it’s time to expand”. “I see a lot of growth and we have to find a way to be a part of it”. The client wanted to find a cost effective way to market their services in a specific geographic area to reach a specific clientele. Big Hit creative group knew just what to do.

The Solution:
Big Hit Creative Group researched the area of interest and found that there was a high number of new renters who were not only pet owners, but also young professionals. Renters with very active lifestyles, busy schedules and enjoy certain luxuries in life. Our digital and traditional marketing teams designed an advertising campaign, which included web and Direct Mail to compliment each effort.

Design Features:
A large postcard was designed with a clean, fresh color scheme. One side was used to highlight services provided while implementing logo colors and the client’s slogan, “For that fresh smell of spring all year ’round”. The second side featured a happy family comfortably lying on plush carpet with a marketing message that offered a financial benefit in the form of a special offer.

The Results:
The clients saw a dramatic increase in sales within a matter of weeks. Within that same year the client was forced to hire 5 new technicians and purchase 3 additional vans to keep up with the client demands.

Big Hit Creative

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