Search Engine Optimization

SEO-(Search Engine Optimization)

This should be thought of as a journey and not so much a destination, one that begins with a solid foundation. The foundation being a website design with SEO in the forefront of it’s plan. This is where bridging the gap between functionality and creativity matters most. Who would design an eye-catching billboard only destined to be placed in the middle of a desert? Surely not you, because you want your business to be seen… Right? But just in case you didn’t know any better. Don’t panic… There’s still hope. SEO is an on-going effort that can start at any stage of your website’s life. Although, it’s always best at the planning stage of your design it’s never too late to implement good practices.

Where do we start? With a simple conversation. We find out your goals, where you are now and where you hope to be. Then create a measurable plan to get you there. See, not everything has to be a mystery, but it is work. Contact us and let’s get started



SEM-(Search Engine Marketing)

Paid Search, PPC and Programmatic Media are very deliberate approaches to digital marketing. These methods puts you directly in front of your customer through many different efforts. Having the right keywords, a good landing page and video promotion are just a few of the ways to drive traffic in the right direction, but what’s next?

Clicks, views and likes are not where it ends. You want to make sales, see conversions, and of course track what is working and what’s not. Using the right digital mix and having a proven conversion method¬† makes all the difference when your advertising dollar is on the line. Our digital marketing team will work with you to ensure that your objectives are met and the your digital campaigns are successful.



Do you know how well your business is doing online? Really?

If you want to attract the right customers and bigger profits, having access to fast, accurate data is paramount.

Here at Big Hit Creative Group, we use a systematic approach for more effective marketing. We’ll find out how well your business is doing on Google, Bing and Yahoo by using custom reports and real-time data. The benefit? You’ll be able to fine-tune your future marketing campaigns, and find out which parts of your website are working (and which aren’t).

We’ll track the true impact of your digital campaigns, advertising, and promotional efforts on the web. Find out which campaigns are providing you with bang for your buck – and which ones need to be ditched. So no more time wasting – just accurate analytics that will benefit your business.

So, what’s bringing you in the biggest profits? The biggest leads? The most social mentions? Let Bit Hit Creative find out for you. You might be surprised…

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