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If a Picture is worth a thousand words

…then Video is worth a thousand pictures

Incorporate Video Production Into Your Marketing Strategy

Use Multimedia Advertising to get the word out about your brand

As a business owner or marketing director, you should make it a priority to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. It’s one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your brand, to educate your potential clients about what you have to offer them and encourage a higher level of engagement from both employees and customers alike. 

To offer our clients more Flexibility, we offer full-service production from script to screen. As well as basic options for clients working with a smaller budget. 

Video can be very engaging, fun for customers to watch, and attract a great deal of online traffic.

Research shows that we are a predominantly visual society. About 78% of people online watch videos every week and 55% do so on a daily basis. Youtube has become one of the biggest search engines with billions of hits every month.

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What we consider in every production:

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What Purpose does the video serve? Who is the audience? Every production is different and has different needs. Be it for TV, web, corporate, or employee training. We have the skill to meet the needs of not only you but your business and audience.

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TV and web engages more sense than any of the other traditional advertising methods. Success is measured by partnering with a team that can deliver the results you seek while maximizing your return on investment. Whether shooting in high definition or 4K, our team of experts are dedicated to making sure you steal the spotlight.

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Audio quality is everything. Good audio can save bad visuals but good visuals can’t save bad audio. The sound is so under-appreciated in the video making process. Most people don’t have audio at the forefront of their minds, but we do. High-quality audio is what will make your video look and feel more professional.

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Not every video is meant to be or even needs to be a long, huge production. Timing is everything and keeping a video short and simple might just be the way to go. Maybe your video does need to be long and the content of it not only justifies it, but calls for it. We know it’s all about your message and not the video length. 

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A key element to your message. Your story must be effective to reach your audience. That’s why our creative team will discover what is important to you and your customer then capture that vision in print, to craft the beginning of a memorable story. Already have a concept in mind or script in hand but need help taking it to the next level? Our content writers will consultation with you to get the concept and script where you want it. 

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There is a world full of new technology that drastically changes how your video is viewed, seen, and even interacted with. Animation explainer videos can help educate employees and encourage a higher level of customer engagement. VR is a fast growing area of video production and with a 360° camera or multiple cameras, you too can use VR for a unique experience. Live Streaming lets you not only show the video live but allows you to live chat with your audience for a more interactive experience.

The production process


  • Concept Creation
  • Discuss the target audience and marketing strategy
  • Script, visualization, and storyboarding
  • Production planning and scheduling


  • Gather cast crew at the filming location
  • Camera work and lighting effects
  • Complete all filming, audio, music, animation, etc.


  • Raw footage is cut, organized, unrearranged
  • Footage is edited and given special effects
  • Audio mixing and syncing

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At Big Hit Creative Group will transform your project into the high-quality production you envision.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations in all deliverables.

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