Incorporate Video Production Into Your Marketing Strategy


Use Multimedia Advertising to get the word out about your brand.

Animated Explainer Videos can help educate employees & encourage a higher level of customer engagement.

Animated Video Banner

As a business owner or marketing director you should make it a priority to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

It’s one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your brand, to educate your potential clients about what you have to offer them and encourage a higher-level of engagement from both employees and customers alike.


To offer our clients more flexibility, we offer a full–service production from script to screen, as well as basic options for clients working with a smaller budget.

Video can be very engaging, fun for customers to watch and attract a great deal of online traffic.

Research shows that we are a predominantly visual society. About 78% of people online watch videos every week and 55% do so on a daily basis. YouTube has become one of the biggest search engines with billions of hits every month.

With this kind of traffic, it is only logical that a forward thinking company should use video as a marketing tool.

What we consider in every production whether a commercial for TV & Web or Corporate video with the purpose of training employees, is a captive audience…

It’s what we strive for. To get the consumer to stay…to linger just a moment longer to read, hear or see more. The way your message is communicated in the first few seconds determines a potential client’s reaction.

  • Concept & Script
    A key element to your message. Your story must be effective to reach your audience. That’s why our creative team will discover what is important to you and your customer then capture that vision in print, to craft the beginning of a memorable story.
  • Audio
    A powerful communicator, providing a human element to an otherwise sterile message. High–quality audio works double duty, forming an even greater connection with your audience through entertainment. By pairing voice–over talent, snappy jingles and creative copywriting, we can ensure a rock solid memory of your business to reach a larger audience more frequently.
  • Visual
    Television and online video engages more senses than any of the other traditional advertising methods – the showboat of the mass media marketing world. Consumers are naturally drawn to the interactive experience, but success is measured by partnering with a team that can deliver the results you seek while maximizing your return on investment. Whether shooting in high definition or 4K, our team of experts and crew are dedicated to making sure you steal the spotlight.

At Big Hit Creative Group will transform your project into the high-quality production you envision.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations in all deliverables.