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Integrated Marketing Agency in Dallas Texas

Integrated marketing is valuable for any business large or small. The inclusion of multiple channels and the bringing together of marketing processes and strategies involves the coordinating of both internal and external efforts. This is the best way to ensure multi-channel marketing success.

Integrated marketing helps to supply an unwavering point to consumers by employing identifiable elements throughout the entire marketing campaign. The primary objective of a cohesive marketing strategy is to ensure that all messages are consistent.


Using integrated marketing strategies, one can take users crosswise manifold media with synergistic messages. The same message can be repeated again and again keeping the information dynamic and in front of the audience encouraging engagement and promoting higher rates of conversion.

Finding the right marketing mix can be a challenge. Big Hit Creative group offers years of integrated marketing experience. Offering different technical services which include: sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, graphic design & branding, affinity marketing, digital and traditional advertising.


We include both online and offline marketing channels.

Integrated marketing takes the best part of traditional channels and combines them with online marketing strategies such as lead generation, high converting websites, email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid advertising. Through our services your campaigns receive the holistic approach they deserve.  More efficiency and high quality.


  • Web Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing (Lead Generation, Content Creation)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Creative Services
  • Outreach Marketing (Trade Show,
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC)
  • Traditional Marketing (Television, Print, Radio, Outdoor)
  • Video Marketing (Web and Social)

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The fundamental purpose of our agency is to amplify your products, services and public image. We help to enhance the image of our clients, widen your customer base and ensure that your brand is a leader in the market.

It is possible to achieve integrated marketing success, but it takes effort, skill, fortitude and a marketing team that knows what to do. You can rely on our agency to help weed through, structure and fine-tune the vast number of options to maintain a cohesive image across the myriad of marketing channels and formats.

Adopting an integrated marketing approach is essential in today’s space. Our job is to make sure that consumers can reach you when they need you. This means as an agency we have a commitment to tailor your message to consumers who are looking for your product.


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Local Search Placement in Over 50 Directories.

 Search Engine Optimization.

Get found when it counts.  Customers search for local services like yours online using sites like Google Maps and Yelp. We create your business listings, submit your business listing to 50 directories, map listings and search engines, optimize them so you’re easy to find, and then keep your business information up to date.

Local Search Placement in Over 50 Directories


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