Incorporating Video into Your Digital Marketing

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Incorporating video into your digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to showcase your brand, company and any product you may be promoting.

Over the last few years, more and more business owners have realized that they can get much better results through their digital marketing efforts if they incorporate the use of video.

Video, the showboat of the mass marketing industry, if produced correctly can be very engaging, fun for customers to watch and attract a great deal of online traffic.
Research shows that we are a predominantly visual society. About 78% of people online watch videos every week and 55% do so on a daily basis. YouTube has become one of the biggest search engines with billions and billions of hits every month. With this kind of traffic, it is only logical that a forward thinking company should use video as a marketing tool.

Why incorporate video in your digital marketing efforts?
There are several great reasons why you should do everything in your power to incorporate video into your digital marketing. Consider these three outstanding benefits that your brand can take advantage of when adding video to your digital marketing strategy.

Improve user engagement
Although copy is essential to your digital marketing strategy, more and more people find that it is much easier and more engaging to watch videos instead of just reading text. Research shows that online visitors click through your website within the first few seconds and decide what content they are going to consume; many of those users choose to watch any videos available on your landing pages instead of reading through a lot of text. If you create great video with good content and decent definition, you can get your message across much faster and in most cases far better.

Sell your brand
Video is one of the best and most effective ways to sell your brand to any potential online visitors. As much as copy can, and often does illustrate all the qualities of the brand, using video is a much faster and can be more customer friendly approach. You can incorporate a great deal of information in just two minutes of video, which is easier to watch than it is to read over 1000 words of text. Additionally, using video gives your brand a much-needed human face. Especially if you create videos that show the visitors who the company is made up of; videos that showcase customer testimonials and demonstrate how clients can use your products or services.

Increase online traffic
Since a vast majority of online visitors opt to watch videos than read text, you can increase traffic to your website by leveraging video about your brand. You can incorporate additional forms of video marketing such as posting on popular social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Video has also been proven to be effective when used in email marketing campaigns.

As a business owner or marketing director you should make it a priority to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy. It is a wonderful way to get the word out about your brand, to educate your potential clients about what you have to offer them and encourage a higher-level of customer engagement.

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