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Inbound Marketing Methodology



How does Inbound Marketing work to improve the performance of your brand?


It’s all about Winning the attention of your prospective audience organically and naturally. It involves giving the audience something valuable, exceptional content that adds value to the customer at every stage. That content must be compelling and have the power to convert strangers into promoters and customers of the business. It also involves sharing content through various digital platforms like search engines, social media, blogs and other online channels.

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Inbound Marketing comprises of four major stages.

Attracting, Converting, Closing and Delighting


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As a Marketer, you’ve got the shortest time to attract quality prospects and convince them that you can solve their problems. This can only be achieved by providing them high-quality and personalized content. Therefore, this should be at the center of your inbound marketing efforts. A focused inbound marketing strategy that provides answers to questions and pain experienced by buyers is quite essential. Among the required tools that can be used to attract qualified clients include social media marketing, blogging, search engine optimization and conversion based landing pages. Attracting prospects doesn’t mean interrupting them. Timing is very important, and you can only attract best when prospects are looking for something related to what you offer.

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Conversion is a Crucial stage of the inbound methodology. For successful conversion, you need call-to-actions, smart forms, premium content and high converting landing pages. Though it requires a lot of effort, you’ll see that your conversion rates are much higher when a prospect is looking for you and you provide answers through the content marketing efforts that attract clients. We help you turn visitors into leads by compelling them to provide their information and join your sales and marketing funnel.



Closing the Sell is paramount for any successful inbound marketing methodology. In this stage, you turn all the qualified leads into customers. As part of the closing process,  an overview of brand awareness, content and more will help to nurture them down the sales funnel. Additionally, we consider the channels your ideal clients like to communicate on. Your ensure your sales cycle will match the automation cycle. Closing must be done systematically and diligently. Among the required closing tools, we include lead nurturing, closed-loop reporting, marketing automation, CRM integration, and lead scoring.

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Inbound marketing doesn’t End after closing the sale. It’s good to establish brand loyalty to show customers that you still love and value them. For successful engagement, you need highly targeted calls-to-action. Delighting provides greater sales opportunities with both existing and future  customers that share similar interests. The fundamental tools that can be used to delight customers include trigger marketing, social media monitoring, smart website content, and surveys.

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