FulFillment Coordinator

Application deadline: 02-20-2022.              Expected start date: 02-25-22

Job Type: Full-time

Big Hit Creative Group is an Integrated Marketing Agency with over 2 decades of successful marketing experience. We provide a collaborative, flexible, light-hearted work environment for our team members.

At Big Hit Creative Group, what gets us up in the morning is community. That means being laser-focused on the needs of our customers and assisting them quicker and faster than the competition.

But hey, let’s be honest, no one can compete with us. 😉

We are an inclusive organization that began in 2005 as a video production company and grew into the integrated marketing agency we are today.

We help clients reach the communities that need them by strategically creating the right messaging, design, and products.

This is where you come in with your outgoing and cheerful outlook, detail-oriented mindset, and ability to think systematically to see our client’s orders through to successful delivery.

As part of the Fulfillment Team, you’re a Jill/Jack of all Trades who will be executing clients’ promotional marketing orders. From creating quotes and purchase orders to the logistics of executing and tracking said orders to invoicing and collecting payment.

This includes:

  • Project coordinating orders to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Light accounting duties by updating QuickBooks Online and collecting payment
  • Search for bids and submit proposals for local and state RFP’s
  • Assessing and matching client needs to services and products; scoping custom projects
  • Nurturing client relationships through consistent communication
  • Diagnosing and responding appropriately to issues
  • Tracking, assessing, forecasting, and actively responding to data

If you’re the right person for this role, you’ll have:

  • Experience in sales or a support role, and looking to expand your project coordination skills
  • The love of a good challenge – thinking ahead, anticipating problems before they occur, asking questions, and not being afraid to bring up potential issues right away.
  • Natural tendency to problem-solve and plan ahead, and a persistent desire to improve results and efficiency.
  • Passion for processes, breaking down a concept in your head into simpler pieces—often into bullets and steps and hierarchies.
  • Excellent self-motivation and time-management skills, which make juggling people, priorities, projects, and partners look like a piece of cake.

Sound like you?

Excellent! Read on: we’ve got even more specifics below, starting with getting to know more about the role.

What does it look like if you’re a rockstar at your job?

You’re answering multiple quote requests daily and quickly turning them around into an actual sale – if you can beat the fastest time at 9.5 minutes then there is a free lunch for you!

You have a strong understanding of our products and can offer an alternative should a product not be available.

You’re a problem-solver and can readily offer up two solutions at any given time to avoid client dissatisfaction.

Your mission…

  • Processing quotes/proposals quickly so we can secure the sale and beat the competition
  • Execute orders with a keen eye for detail and not miss a beat
  • Communicating with the Client Services Representative on all quote requests
  • Occasionally hopping on calls with clients to deepen relationships
  • Occasionally assisting Client Services Representative in pricing and matching needs to appropriate products, services, or solutions for clients
  • Attend Trade Shows and promotional events
  • Stay up to date on the latest promotional trends and items through education, webinars, and events.

There will also be some logistical work involved, namely…

  • Keeping leadership informed via metrics
  • Digitally tracking and updating (via CRM) client orders progress
  • Assist team members with tasks when needed

For Bonus Points:

  • Previous experience in higher education, state and local municipalities, or multifamily services
  • Customer support, client services, sales, or project coordinator
  • CRM experience
  • Proposal writing
  • Spanish Bilingual